Spring 2017 – Volume Two, Issue One – “Air”



No other element in cooking transforms food in ways that seem as magical as air. To inhale, after all, is a form of consumption, and to devour scent feeds the faraway corners of our souls. In our Spring 2017 issue, we explore all the ways that air brings texture and lightness to our cooking. We visit landscapes that invite fresh air in to amplify our gastronomic experiences, inhaling aromas, and making new memories.


As an independent publication, we take extraordinary pride in serving up stunning content to our tight-knit family of Spoonful readers. We offer single issues for $20, to give you a taste of our book-quality volume made with 100-lb. paper stock, a soft-touch cover and satin-glazed text. When you order a one-year subscription, you receive free access to the digital version of our latest edition and invites to our subscriber-only eating events.


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