Love You a Brunch: 5 Mid-Morning Mother’s Day Trea...

Love You a Brunch: 5 Mid-Morning Mother’s Day Treats

mother's day treats oatbox

Public service announcement: Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday, May 14th. Though Mother’s Day may rival Valentine’s Day as the occasion for which for the most flowers, spa services, and pieces of jewelry are purchased, there’s one other reason to love it that is too often overlooked. Mother’s Day is the official holiday of brunch!

That’s right. This coming Sunday, restaurants will be loaded with people taking mom out for a mimosa and eggs benny. And sure, when you’re a kid you can get away with a Mother’s Day breakfast delivered to mom in bed; a bowl of cereal and a glass of orange juice, plus a macaroni necklace gets the job done. But now that you’re grown, your mom, and all of the other mamas and mother figures in your life, deserve better. Here are five Mother’s Day treats to show mom that you love her a whole brunch on Mother’s Day, or any day at all.

Mother's Day Treats Oatbox

Don’t just treat your mom to brunch once a year. Instead, treat her to Oatbox. This Montreal-based mail order service is a monthly delivery of granola. The cereal itself is robustly crunchy — mostly a base of organic rolled oat and rye groats sweetened with applesauce and maple. Not too sweet, it’s satisfying without tasting as though you’re eating cookies for breakfast. Each month brings two seasonally-inspired cereals in flavors like Strawberry Turmeric, Banana Molasses, and Dark Chocolate Goji Berry. Not sure that your mom wants a whole year’s worth of granola? Get her The Mother’s Delight instead, two bags of granola and a jar of pineapple grapefruit marmalade for a ready-made breakfast.


  • Gift your mom an attractive pitcher and fill it with this. Add a card that says, “My heart beets for you, Mom” and you’re good to go.


  • If your mom would rather cook brunch than go out, consider buying her an entire cookbook devoted to the subject. Veteran baker and trend-setter Joy Wilson, known to many as Joy the Baker, has recently debuted her third book, Over Easy: Sweet & Savory Recipes for Leisurely Days. It’s filled with Joy’s sunny photography, playful personality, and 125 recipes for eggs, baked goods, coffee drinks, and even cocktails. I’m earmarking colorful smoothie bowls, Baked Ratatouille Hash with Fried Eggs, and Earl Grey & Ricotta Waffles with Honeyed Sweet Cream. Make your mama a coffee, and she can page through her new book while you put together some of Joy’s Breakfast BLTs.


Mother's Day Treats over easy joy the baker

  • DIY brunch, delivered by you is the grown up equivalent of breakfast in bed. Whether for your own mom, or a loved one who’s become a new mom, you absolutely can’t go wrong if you bring brunch to her turf. If you’re taking this route, it’s nice to have a few different elements to create a spread. The rule is that these dishes should be ready to eat with little more than a quick warm-up. About the least relaxing thing for anybody would be to have someone show up to cook a meal for their enjoyment, only to have to run around the kitchen helping you find a frying pan, a rubber spatula, a dish towel, an immersion blender, or whatever else you might need. Instead, plan dishes that can be prepared entirely ahead of time and then either simply reheated or eaten as-is at room temperature. Need menu inspiration? Try a centerpiece dish like a Spanish-Style Frittata with a Breakfast Fruit Salad alongside. You can pick up some chocolate croissants or kouign-amann from a favorite bakery on your way, or make Blackberry Banana Muffins. Amp the whole thing up with a thermos of coffee, and a fizzy twist on mimosas to make your mom smile. The only other rule? You pack up the dishes to go, too.


  • Even if your mom is far away, you can still make her Mother’s Day morning a little brighter. Order some blooms to be delivered her way in place of your own smiling face, and then back them up with some goodies. I think any mom would be happy to receive a few jars of perfect, California produce transformed into gorgeous INNA Jam, or the copper kettle cooked conserves from Kitten & The Bear . Want to up the ante even more? Check out the unparalleled delivery service from Spoonful artisan Zingerman’s. Send her a coffee cake, a sampler of scones, applewood smoked bacon, Harwood gold Michigan maple syrup, or all of the above. Too much? For my mom? Never.  


What’s the easiest, loveliest gift of all? A subscription to Spoonful Magazine! It’s the gift Mom will enjoy all year long.

Product photos courtesy of INNA Jam and OatBox;  Eggs photo reprinted from Joy the Baker Over Easy. Copyright © 2017 by Joy the Baker, Inc. Interior and cover photographs by Jon Melendez. Published by Clarkson Potter/Publishers, an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC. 

Emily Teel is the Editor-in-Chief of Spoonful Magazine, as well as a freelance food writer, recipe editor, tester, and developer in Philadelphia. She completed a Master of Arts in Food Culture and Communications at the University of Gastronomic Sciences. An alumna of Bryn Mawr College and a Legacy Award Winner with the women's culinary organization Les Dames d'Escoffier International, she's passionate about food and committed to the idea that everyone deserves access to meals that are both nourishing and satisfying. 


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