Spoonful’s Spring Workout Playlist

Spoonful’s Spring Workout Playlist

Workout Playlist

When it comes time to lace up the sneaks, put on stretchy pants and work it out, nothing gets us motivated like a banging workout playlist. In her story in our Spring ’17 issue, contributor Maria Koutsogiannis, a fitness enthusiast and healthy food blogger, gathers her friends for an invigorating group trip to the gym followed by a beautiful, nutritious brunch. She provides a few songs in the story that get her motor revved up, and inspired by her choices, we put together our own Spotify workout playlist to share with you.

Clocking in at just over an hour, our playlist combines songs from a number of genres: a few fun, dancey tracks to get you warmed up, and then a block of powerful, intense songs to push you to your limits. Keep your ears out for some current pop hits, remixed with energy infused beats to give you a dose of encouragement when you need it most. We wrap it up with a few chiller tunes to help bring your breathing and heart rate back down to Earth. So whether you’re going on a solo run, pumping iron with friends, or sweating it out on a spinning bike, cue up our playlist for the soundtrack to your exercise session.

Photo by Nick Gang

From Maria Koutsogiannis’ story “Weights Before Dates: A Real Food Refuel with Friends”

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