How to Taste Tea

hands holding teacup

As with most simple foodstuffs, there is more to tea than first meets the eye. Coaxing out and fully appreciating all the nuanced complexities in truly fine tea takes a bit of effort and time, but it’s a worthwhile investment for the layers of flavors that follow and linger with you throughout the day. Plus, taking an extra moment to slow down and savor a product that’s traveled across the world before arriving in your cup, is a satisfying act of mindfulness. In this video, Samovar Tea founder Jesse Jacobs, walks us through the practices for how to prepare and taste tea for best results.

Video by Matthieu Meynier – Photo by Julie Weisberg

Emily Kovach is the Web Editor at Spoonful Magazine. She’s a fan of oysters, dumplings, nearly every kind of cheese, hoppy beers, and gin cocktails. While she’s intrigued by the incredible food scene in her hometown of Philadelphia, her favorite meals are at home, shared on the back porch with her cozy little family and their dog Jacket.


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