Party On: Five Charming Birthday Cake Accessories

Party On: Five Charming Birthday Cake Accessories

Birthday Cake Accessories Fancy Sprinkles

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Just as the phrase “the icing on the cake” implies, bakers are often looking for that extra special something to take a homemade treat from good to great. Baking, assembling, and frosting a 2 or 3 tiered cake is a worthy feat on its own, but in this day and age of Pinterest perfection, the little details are what we’ve come to expect. While you can certainly craft your way to birthday cake accessory glory, there are plenty of companies selling readymade versions of toppers, candles, and other gear to help transform even a very simple cake into a showstopper.

Instead of heading to the party section of a big box store (we’re thinking of a certain one that rhymes with “Garget”), check out these charming birthday cake accessories from independent companies, guaranteed to elevate your cake game, no food coloring or hot glue gun required:

Anything from Fancy Sprinkles: They say an ounce of frosting covers a multitude of sins. In the case of the deluxe sprinkles, fancy jimmies, and joyful sugar shapes from Fancy Sprinkles, the adage should be upgraded to a lifetime of sins. These high quality sprinkles are available in pretty much any color, combination or seasonal version you can imagine. For baking MVPs, they’ve even got Sprinkle Bento Boxes, 11-section plastic containers each filled with a different type of sprinkle!  Even scrolling through their website or Instagram feed is enough to spark an irrepressible smile – imagine the reaction to their real life presence atop a fluffy bed of butter cream?

Birthday Cake Accessories Fancy Sprinkles

Meri Meri Neon Star Toppers: This adorable company was founded way back in the mid-80’s as a small stationary-maker in Los Angeles. Now, over 30 years later, they’ve grown into a one stop shop for all things party: balloons, garlands and other décor, as well as plenty of baking supplies (side note: they’ve got the best shaped cookie cutters!). Among Meri Meri’s many cake toppers and flags, these jazzy neon star toppers caught our eye. The translucent vibrant colors are gender neutral, would look great against any kind or color of frosting, and because they’re made of acrylic, they’d be easy to clean and reuse on future occasions.

Birthday Cake Accessories Meri Meri Neon Star Toppers

Oh Happy Day Happy Birthday Cake Flags: Oh Happy Day began as a blog whose mission is to “be the best party resource on the internet.” This included tons of clever crafting tutorials, party theme inspiration, and home décor how-to’s, all complimented with fun, vivid photography. Their new e-commerce platform allows aspiring party pros to shop for all those modern soiree must-haves like letter balloons, only semi-ironic party hats, garlands, and dozens of kinds of confetti. They have lots of cake decorations as well, and we’re loving these simple, bold Happy Birthday Flags, accented with bits of shiny gold foil and tiny streamers.  

Birthday Cake Accessories Oh Happy Day Flags

Knot & Bow Ombré Dipped Birthday Candles: This Brooklyn-based company fuses an old school aesthetic with modern sensibilities in their stationary, gift wrap and party supplies. They’ve got plenty of super cute supplies on offer, but best among them are their hand dipped ombré dipped birthday candles. Made of natural beeswax, these slender beauties would be equally at home on a toddler or adult’s birthday cake, and because they have a burn time of up to 15 minutes, they can be reused again and again!

Birthday Cake Accessories Knot & Bow Candles

Handmade Cake stands from Casa Rosa: In the past few years, cake stands have graduated from the category of “lucky thrift store find” to can’t-escape-them levels of popularity. But in all the kitchen and discount stores we’ve perused, we’ve never seen any as interesting or pretty as these handmade cake stands from Casa Rosa. This up-and-coming outfit is based in Santiago, Chile and is owned by two sisters, Christiane and Sophie Drapela. They make other lovely house wares, such as pillows and candlesticks, but it’s their hand crafted ceramic and wood cake stands, somehow both timeless and contemporary, that really stand out.

Birthday Cake Accessories CasaRosa Cake Stands

Images courtesy of Meri Meri, Fancy Sprinkles, Knot & Bow, Oh Happy Day! and Casa Rosa

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