About Us

Sharing a meal is the oldest act of community. It is through cooking and eating together that we foster and build relationships that elevate our daily experiences. Gathering together over food cultivates ritual that provides powerful links to our culture and to those for whom we care most in the world.

Growing up, I experienced this over and over with my parents as we moved from the Philippines to Saudi Arabia and finally to the United States in pursuit of a better life. Food was our gateway and welcome mat in every city where we made our home. Each time we settled, we invited new neighbors and fellow immigrants for potlucks and barbecues. It was through sharing food that we built our communities and both celebrated and mourned life’s milestones. No common language was necessary besides something good to eat.

A parent now myself, I see how for my own family and for so many others, things are different. In our ever increasing working hours and responsibilities, day to day cooking is often viewed as a chore and entertaining a luxury. Meals become tasks on to-do lists, and even as we cross them off we lose sight of the essential part of our humanity that we’ve struck out with them.

Spoonful Magazine is a guide for the modern home cook who hungers to recapture the timeless pleasures of gathering together. A quarterly, seasonal cookbook, Spoonful celebrates cooking at home, small-batch artisans, and the art of entertaining. It offers inspiration, encouragement, and tested tips and techniques from home cooks all over the globe. Most of all, it reminds us that the work of cooking allows us the pleasure of connecting, and demonstrates ways to make that beautiful and approachable.

Spoonful celebrates the small, quiet victories of everyday life: Sunday dinners, mid-week lunches, or afternoon brunch. These gatherings offer us the tranquil satisfaction of sharing something good to eat with family and friends and. We hope that each time you open Spoonful you find something delicious.

Kristina Erfe Pines

Meet Our Team

Kristina Erfe Pines

Founder and Publisher
Favorite Food: Ramen

Emily Teel

Favorite Food: Popcorn

Laura Kaucher

Art Director
Favorite Food: Cheese

John Tooher portrait

John Tooher

Chief Operating Officer
Favorite Food: Guinness

Rob Graff

Marketing Director
Favorite Food: New York-Style Pizza

Nick Gang

Photo Editor
Favorite Food: Chicago-Style Hot Dog

Emily Kovach portrait

Emily Kovach

Web Editor
Favorite Food: Tacos

Natasha Pum

Copy Editor
Favorite Food: Cupcake

Al Green

Video Editor
Favorite Food: Sliders

Joe Kramer

Video Editor
Favorite Food: PB & J Sandwich